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Texas Sex Offender Deregistration

Certain persons convicted of a sexual offense who have had to register by Texas law as a “sex offender” may be eligible for removal of the requirement of registration and reporting, that is, “Deregistration.”

This statutory process allows for individuals on the Sex Offender Registry who meet certain conditions to petition to have their names removed from the list. Not all individuals are eligible for deregistration. Information on the Deregistration process can be found at the website for Texas Health and Human Services. You can find detailed instructions at the website by clicking here.

Once you have carefully followed all of the necessary steps and submitted the necessary materials to the Council on Sex Offender Treatment (Council) and received approval, you will be able to contact our office to schedule an evaluation to determine the likelihood of you committing a new offense. This process will require the evaluator to review all of the records that you are required to provide to the Council and other records that have to do with your offense that required Sex Offender Registration. It will also require specialized treatment group records and other treatment that you may have received. These records will need to be available to our office before you are seen for the required evaluation. This take place when you contact our office to schedule the evaluation after receiving approval from the Council.

The required evaluation will include a review of records, your completion of psychological tests and questionnaires, and a direct interview  of you by the evaluator. Following that a report will be prepared that will be sent directly to the Council. After final approval by the Council, the report will be sent to your attorney who will represent you when you file with the court for deregistration.

When you have completed the process described above, contact our office to schedule your Deregistration Evaluation. The present fee for a Deregistration Evaluation and report is $1,500. If the evaluator is required to provided testimony at a hearing an additional fee will be necessary for time out of office for testimony. This fee may range up to $2,500 or more depending on the location of the court hearing.

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