Dr. Tim Branaman

Experience and Background

Dr. Branaman’s background includes work with adult and adolescent populations with general psychological disorders in individual and conjoint therapy. He has specialized experience in working with substance abuse disorders and sexual behavior problems as well as medication treatment compliance. He has had extensive experience in conducting risk assessments of sex offenders and has testified in multiple cases involving civil commitment under the Texas Sexual Predator Act. He has provided expert testimony in federal, state, military and administrative law courts. His specialized forensic work has included many court appointments as well as being retained by both defense and prosecution attorneys for purpose of conducting forensic psychological evaluations and offering expert opinion in criminal and civil matters. He frequently conducts pre-employment evaluations and fitness-for-duty evaluations for law enforcement and public safety personnel including state and federal law enforcement officers.


Dr. Branaman has more than forty years experience with adults and juveniles in counseling and mental health settings including institutional settings, public schools, hospitals, residential and outpatient treatment, and private practice. His experience includes teaching, consulting, administrative, and clinical experience. He served three years as Department Head for an inpatient addictions treatment program for adults and adolescents. He is founder and chief executive officer of Professional Psychological Services, P.C., a private practice group in operation since 1984.

His forensic practice includes legal evaluations and consultation involving criminal, family law, and civil matters. Additionally, he is actively involved in professional activities at local and state levels having served as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Texas Psychological Association and President of both the Dallas and Collin County Psychological Associations. He has served as the presiding officer  Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists since March 2010 after having been appointed to the Board in March 2008. In addition to his forensic practice, Dr. Branaman served From 2006-2017 as a full faculty member and Professor of Clinical Psychology at the Texas School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University/Dallas where he taught neuroscience, psychopharmacology, forensic psychology, and ethics, conduct and the law courses in the doctoral training. In addition to his private practice, he presently serves as Adjunct Professor for The Chicago School of Professional Psychology/Dallas.

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